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About Us



Crystal is a financial and business services professional experienced in all areas of financial operations, reporting and financial analysis. She has been in the field more than 25 years, 20 of which were spent in the residential mortgage industry in corporate finance, treasury and facilities management. She previously owned a financial services consulting business, Level Up Consulting, from 2015-2017. 

She made the decision to open BlueFly Business Services, LLC to focus her career on her passion to help others succeed by being the "Headache Healer." Whether a business partner wrestles with bookkeeping, financial operations, payroll, systems conversions or projects BlueFly takes the headache away and allows them to focus on what they do best...running their business! 

Her areas of experience and expertise include: 


• Bookkeeping

• Budgeting & Forecasting

• Cash Forecasting & Management

• Finance Reporting

• Payroll

• Revenue Recognition

Advanced Finance

• Mortgage Finance

• Multiple Entities/Cost Centers

• Financial Analysis

• Financial Modeling 


• Management & Development

• Team Development & Organization

• Training (One-to-One, One-to-Group, One-to-Many)


• Financial Operations

• Internal Controls

• Policies & Procedures 

• Process Evaluation & Improvement


• Technology – Microsoft Office Suite

• Technology Evaluation & Selection

• Technology Administration & Implementation

Crystal is originally from North Carolina. She relocated to Texas with her family in 2011. She currently lives in Round Rock with her husband and two furbabies, Joepa and Starla, both of whom are rescues. 

“I love working with a variety of individuals and businesses. My passion is helping business owners succeed through the services offered at BlueFly Business Services!“– Crystal Conboy 


The BlueFly Story

The “BlueFly” in BlueFly Business Services, LLC was created as Crystal went through the journey of planning and naming the firm. Over time she has become intrigued by the Blue Morpho Butterfly with its brilliant and beautiful blue wings with black edges. In general, she has always been intrigued by the journey of a caterpillar transforming into a light, beautiful butterfly. Such transformation is not unlike the transformation an individual undergoes in life or of a company as its begins in the start-up phase and moves into the various growth cycles of the business life cycle. 

Butterflies in general are believed to symbolize life, love, change and rebirth as well as being the symbol of a person’s soul, past, present or future. Blue butterflies are believed to symbolize joy, beauty and luck and are sometimes said to a be a wish granter. The Blue Morpho Butterfly is specifically said to symbolize rebirth, coming of age and the creation of one’s own destiny. After seeing a Blue Morpho Butterfly in collections at multiple places while going through the processing of naming the Company, Crystal knew she wanted the Blue Morpho Butterfly included in the business name and logo. 

Crystal went through various naming combinations many of which seemed too long and not unique. Inspired by the Blue Morpho Butterfly and working to verbalize a shorter, more unique name for the firm that would also be a reflection of Crystal’s personal journey in life, BlueFly came to her in just a short moment, almost as a “gift.” 


BlueFly Business Services, LLC is not a CPA firm. Neither the firm nor its employees intend to represent themselves or the firm as CPA's through their association with the firm.